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Cessna 150 for Sale

 One of our facebook fans is selling his Cessna 150 K!  Located at Boundary Bay, near Vancouver, B.C.  Best of luck to Harry in selling this beautiful airplane.

The Cessna 150 is a two-seat, tricycle gear, general aviation airplane.  It was the fourth most produced civilian aircraft.  The first prototype flew in 1957, and succeeded by the 152 in 1977.  Variants were produced hence the letter at the end of the model number (150 A, B, C and so on).   This particular “K”  model was produced starting 1970.  This was the first time the 150 models were produced with some limited aerobatic capabilities, termed A150K.    A total of 832 150K’s were produced.

The 150 is the most prolific and successful two seat trainer airplane in history.  These airplanes have an excellent safety record and are easy to fly.  They are fairly economical to buy (compared with 2 seaters with similar features) and economical to fly, burning about 5 gal/hour. The large number of them produced means they are economical to maintain as well, since parts are widely available.

Details on his particular model for sale are below.

Cessna 150K







CESSNA 150K – $24,000 – OR BEST OFFER!

Total time airframe 8135 hrs. Engine half time.


  • MX 300 radio,Com1/Com2(Transceiver)
  • Bendix King Transponder
  • PM 200 stereo intercom
  • Twin Push-to-Talk
  • Vertical Card Compass
  • EGT and G-Meter
  • Post Lights, Strobes, Logo Lights, Pulse Lights
  • Four-way seat belt/shoulder harness,
  • Sunroof, Rosen Sun Visors, CD Player.

Aircraft located at Boundary Bay Aerodrome, in Delta, BC on the Pacific west coast.  The airport, CZBB is very close to Vancouver, BC.  Coincidentally, this is where I took one of my first training flights!

If interested contact Harry Kemball, by phone: (604) 785-8993 or email: hjk1936@gmail.com

Cessna 150 K



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