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Kit plane landing on a ship at sea

Foxbat lands on cargo ship I recently watched the video of one of the most impressive landing and take off I have ever seen – a small plane landing on a ship at sea.  This is right up there with the video of the Piper Cub that landed and took off on a mountain ridge. The pilot of an Aeroprakt A-22 ...

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Flying on instruments

Cessna 172 instrument panel

I’ve recently learned the basics of flying on instruments. First in the simulator and went on my first flight “under the hood” the other day.  It adds a whole new dimension of complexity to flying. Just when you start feeling you have a pretty good handle on things, on comes the hood, and you’ve lost reference to the ground – ...

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Wind and performance

At Springbank airport, we are very mountain effected and often have to deal with heavy winds.  Speaking of winds, we found the most amazing landing and takeoff video we have ever seen.  In this video, the brave Super Cub pilot, lands on the shoulder of a mountain in Central Nevada at 11,000 feet.  The landing on Bunker Mountain is spectacular, ...

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Disney’s Planes – a great aviation movie – Movie Review

Disney's Planes movie

A true pilot geek, I couldn’t resist an invitation to head out and see Disney’s new movie “Planes” last weekend. Though I am not a fan of animation movies, this one is a bit different – and will be appreciated by aviation enthusiasts and pilots young and old.  It is a charmingly modest spin-off from Disney’s “Cars.” The movie is a ...

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Rust Removal – The Challenges of Returning to the Air

Guest blog by Sylvia Fletcher Read Sylvia’s account about getting back in the air and the challenges she encountered. My flight test was done in a Cessna 152 last summer.  I continued to fly until rough winds and low ceilings came in the fall, and decided I would simply pick it up again in the spring, thinking this would be ...

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Stalls and angle of attack: a very important relationship

The relationship between stalls and airspeed is often misunderstood.   It is not actually the airspeed of the aircraft that will determine when the wing will stall, but rather the angle of attack. Stall recognition is generally taught with reference to airspeed only.  Students are taught to pull up to stall the aircraft and continue doing so, watching the airspeed bleed ...

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