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Wake turbulence

Have you seen the movie Argo? If you have seen the movie Argo, and are a pilot, you know how unrealistic the scene is with the fleeing airliner near the end of the movie.  Though Hollywood pulls some highly impossible stunts, this one is really over the top in terms of how grossly impossible it is, and I’m sure I’m ...

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The challenges of getting a pilots’ license

Flying is an amazing hobby and a challenging and interesting profession.  Unfortunately, flying has many challenges, and this is seen in the data.  Many students who start never in fact finish their license.  In Canada, the number of student pilot permits hovers just around 10,000 but the number of private licenses issued in a year is just over 2000 (based ...

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How to get a pilots license in Canada

So you want to learn how to fly.  Very exciting!  One of the first things you should decide your motives.  Deciding on what motivates you will increase your chances of successfully completing it and being inspired throughout the process. Decide whether you want to do it as a career or for fun. You can always change your mind, but if ...

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Top ten reasons why you should never learn how to fly

Flying? Boring! Why would I ever want to do it? Aside from being expensive and time consuming,  it’s also pointless. Why would I want to shoot around the sky in a metal tube?  It just seems like a poor use of time. Seriously, only those with poor judgement would consider getting a pilots’ license.  There are just so many reasons ...

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Preparing for your PPL Written Exam

A few important study materials that you will need to study for your exam.

Recently I wrote and passed the written exam for the PPL.  I had put it off for a very long time.   With all the breaks in my flight training, the gap between ground school had grown quite large. I finally decided that enough was enough and I had to get the test out of the way.  So I had myself ...

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Pilot Perception: Runway Illusions

On Final

The “softer” side of flying is the human factors side. As advanced as modern aircraft are, pilots are subject to various factors that can cause them to make excellent decisions and judgement calls but sometimes make decisions that can be potentially dangerous. Luckily, illusions pilots experience are well understood and documented.  We know when we may experience an illusion.  In ...

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