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A student of weather

A student of weather.

Being a pilot means being a student of weather – all the time. Weather is so fickle in Alberta that you quickly learn how much flying depends on it. I did my ground school for my PPL a few years ago at Centennial Flight School in Edmonton City Centre airport.  After years of putting it off, I’m finally getting myself ...

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Landing and departing at high altitude

El Alto International Airport, La Paz Bolivia. Image Courtesy of BolivaTravelSite.com

I read a post recently asking what is the highest altitude airport you have landed in. This reminded me when I flew into La Paz, Bolivia, landing at El Alto International Airport while on a backpacking trip in South America.  It was aboard a Lan Peru Airlines Airbus A319.   Though I wasn’t doing my pilot’s license back then, I was ...

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The ‘six-pack’ flight instruments: gyroscopes

Continuing on our review of the ‘six pack’ of flight instruments from the instruments that are powered by the pitot-static system, below we review those that are gyroscopes. A gyroscope is a rotor or spinning wheel rotating and high speed,  and exhibits two fundamental characteristics upon which all practical applications are based.  These are: Gyroscopic intertia –  or rigidity in ...

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The “six pack” flight instruments: pitot-static

Flight instruments on a Cessna 172

Let’s do a review of the six main flight instruments:  Detail is provided, of course, there is so much more we can add here!  The most important and basic flight instruments have remained the same for a long period of time, and are called the ‘six pack’.  Three of them are connected to the static port system which measures outside ...

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Decision making and turbulence

Pulling the pin!

I went out to the Cremona area this morning, intending to practice precautionary and forced approaches. Last time I went to practice them, it was not only busy in the practice area but there was also a small forest fire in the quadrant in which I was established, and couldn’t descend low enough to practice the procedures. As soon as ...

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My first flight alone out of the circuit

Flying back to Springbank

My first solo flight out of the circuit! I went out on my own to the Cremona area a few weeks ago – this was my first time out of the circuit alone.  I was pretty nervous! When I go with my instructor I find some of the time I don’t concentrate on everything because they are always there as ...

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