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“I learned about Flying from that” – Book Review

"I Learned About Flying From That" book

Book Review:  I Learned About Flying From That, Vol. 3 from the editors of Flying Magazine I bought I Learned About Flying From That book last summer and really enjoyed reading it so I thought I’d share it.  It is a compilation of stories chronicling near-misses in flying, that were submitted by readers and originally published in the actual “Flying” magazine.  ...

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Your Flight Instructor

Sarah and Me at CYBW

Good flight instructors, bad flight instructors I really liked watching the show Flying Wild Alaska. It has since been discontinued.  It is a bit overly dramatic but the flying footage they have is fantastic.  The show is about a family who runs an airline a remote region of Alaska.  In the show Ariel Tweto, is featured as she is the ...

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Slow Flight – more detail on slow flight techniques

I talked with my instructor last night and he brought up a few very good points about slow flight. In my post about slow flight in the Cessna 172 I wrote that there are five signs that we can identify we are in slow flight; Stall horn cutting in and out low airspeed high nose attitude high power settings sloppy ...

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Lesson Log

My coveted flight log

Today I read an interesting story on the Flying Magazine website about keeping a journal of “flying lessons” throughout your flying career. They suggest that it is useful to write down the things you’ve learned from every flight.  For the article, click here. I’ve kept a log book like this since I’ve started flight training. I can’t express how useful ...

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The Soft Field Procedure

Before I learned precautionary and forced approaches, I learned about soft field landings.  Here my account of the experience, and why soft fields are important and should be practiced regularly. When will we use a soft field landing? If we are planning to land on an unprepared surface. We also need to know the technique if we need to make ...

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The Forced Approach and Landing

Forced Landing of TACA Airlines Flight 110. Image Courtesy of airliners.net

So now that we know about the precautionary procedure, what happens if we have NO engine power? We plan a forced landing! The image above shows an actual forced landing of a Boeing 737 jet. TACA Airlines Flight 110 lost power in both engines and successfully glided and landed on an unprepared, makeshift field (image courtesy of airliners.net). Is planning ...

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