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Airport weather minimums

Since the weather has been so bad for the month of October in the Calgary area, we have been seeing a lot of IFR weather – weather that I, as a private pilot can’t go flying in.  What defines IFR conditions?  I thought it would be useful to post the IFR outlook chart as published by The Aeronautical Information Manual ...

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The short field takeoff and landing with obstacle

Approach and landing over an obstacle

The next maneuver, after mastering the short field procedure, is doing so imagining  having to clear a 50 foot obstacle on both take off and landing. This is accomplished by imagining that there is a 50 foot obstacle at the end of our runway on the takeoff, and that there is a 50 foot obstacle on the start of our ...

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The birthplace of Canadian aviation

  While on a two and a half week trip in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland I ran into a bit of Canadian aviation history.  Quite coincidentally, on my way back down through Nova Scotia towards Halifax, I stopped in a small town on this lake for the night. It looked interesting.  It turns out that this town, Baddeck, Nova Scotia ...

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My First Solo Flight – Part 3: Finally!

Here comes the water!

Just have to make sure you know what you’re doing … In the previous post I talked about my frustration with adjusting to my new instructor.  About a week later, I went up with a level 1 instructor at our school. Throughout the flight, he didn’t say much to me and let me do all the work. On one landing ...

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My First Solo Flight – Part 2: Changes


In my first solo flight, part 1, I talked about the fear I faced when my instructor Sarah tried to send me solo. How do they know you are ready? So how did Sarah know I was ready to solo anyway?  She said that there is a point where the student knows the circuit really well and can get the ...

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My First Solo Flight – Part 1: Fighting Fear

First solo initiation

The story leading up to my first solo out of Springbank! Getting Ready The time leading up to my first solo was a tense period.  It was something that took a very long time to accomplish, given the disjointed nature that my flight training has taken.   I spent 15 hours flying from Edmonton City Centre over 8 months (from April ...

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