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Forward Slip

Forward Slip - Transport Canada photo

The other day I was out flying with my instructor reviewing soft field procedures. We were doing circuits on runway 25, and on the turn from the downwind to base leg of the circuit, we were  hit with strong turbulence every time.  The leg goes close to the river so we assumed it was something to do with that.  It ...

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Airport weather minimums

Since the weather has been so bad for the month of October in the Calgary area, we have been seeing a lot of IFR weather – weather that I, as a private pilot can’t go flying in.  What defines IFR conditions?  I thought it would be useful to post the IFR outlook chart as published by The Aeronautical Information Manual ...

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The short field takeoff and landing with obstacle

Approach and landing over an obstacle

The next maneuver, after mastering the short field procedure, is doing so imagining  having to clear a 50 foot obstacle on both take off and landing. This is accomplished by imagining that there is a 50 foot obstacle at the end of our runway on the takeoff, and that there is a 50 foot obstacle on the start of our ...

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The birthplace of Canadian aviation

  While on a two and a half week trip in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland I ran into a bit of Canadian aviation history.  Quite coincidentally, on my way back down through Nova Scotia towards Halifax, I stopped in a small town on this lake for the night. It looked interesting.  It turns out that this town, Baddeck, Nova Scotia ...

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My First Solo Flight – Part 3: Finally!

Here comes the water!

Just have to make sure you know what you’re doing … In the previous post I talked about my frustration with adjusting to my new instructor.  About a week later, I went up with a level 1 instructor at our school. Throughout the flight, he didn’t say much to me and let me do all the work. On one landing ...

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My First Solo Flight – Part 2: Changes


In my first solo flight, part 1, I talked about the fear I faced when my instructor Sarah tried to send me solo. How do they know you are ready? So how did Sarah know I was ready to solo anyway?  She said that there is a point where the student knows the circuit really well and can get the ...

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