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Watch as F-16s Race Past Glaciers and Icebergs in Greenland

These F16s are performing a low level test using GoPro, and they have produced some amazing footage. Watch the video as the Fighter Wing Skrydstrup of the Royal Danish Air Force fly past some of the most amazing an extreme scenery on the planet: the icebergs and glaciers of Greenland. The team was in Greenland to practice cold weather operation, ...

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Uncontained engine failure responsible for British Airways 777 Fire

The passengers and crew of this British Airways operated Boeing 777 are lucky to be alive after the aircraft experienced an uncontained and catastrophic engine failure on the takeoff roll.  Luckily the aircraft had not departed the runway yet, and was billowing black smoke from an engine fire on the left engine.  The fire seriously damaged the aircraft on the ...

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‘Impossible’ Stunt strapped to the outside of an Airbus A400M

For Tom Cruise’s next movie, Mission Impossible Rogue Nation, he pulls off a stunt that looks surprisingly real.  That’s because it is real! Cruise actually was strapped to the fuselage Airbus A400M cargo plane to get this once in a lifetime shot. Only he didn’t do it once, he did it eight times! Cruise, a certified pilot, was terrified of doing this ...

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Remove cat before flight

On June 22, this cat stowaway was found in a wing mid-flight on an ultralight aircraft in French Guiana. The black and white house cat appears in the cockpit camera (which was luckily on) after about 40 seconds after the airplane takes off and is only noticed by the pilot, chief flight instructor Roland Jantot after about a minute.  The ...

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Boeing 787 Dreamliner near vertical takeoff

In preparation for the Paris Air show, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner in Vietnam Airlines livelry performed some amazing aerial work, particularly impressive is the near vertical takeoff, shown in this video. The 787-9 is rehearsing for the Paris air show which is being held this week. It’s unusual for an airliner to perform such a steep climb, but the video ...

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Landing Gear Ripped off when Air Canada Flight 624 hit antenna array

On Sunday, March 29 at 12:30 local time, early in the morning, an Air Canada flight enroute from Toronto, Ontario (CYYZ) to Halifax-Stanfield airport in Nova Scotia crash landed in Halifax (CYHZ).  It hit an antenna array on the runway threshold which ripped off the landing gear. 25 people were injured in the crash. The Airbus A320 133 passengers and ...

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