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Every Professional Pilots Dream

This great ad from Lufthansa shows crew being treated like celebrities.  Combine a professional soccer team and airline crew and the outcome is a pilot’s dream come true! The short video is in German with English subtitles.

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Aviat Husky tows skier up mountain in Alaska

This video combines our two favorite things in the world – skiing and flying. Though we doubt we’d be brave enough to try this. Towed behind an airplane – now that’s one creative and quick way of getting to the top! U.S. Ski Team member Reese Hanneman is being towed by an Aviat Husky airplane somewhere in the Alaska range. ...

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Heavy winds push Westjet Boeing 737 away from the gate at Halifax Airport

After a four hour storm closure at Halifax international airport, the strong winds pushed this 737 away from the gate. The winds hit the vertical stabilizer causing the large aircraft to drift. Luckily no one was trying to board at the time. This rather long, 11 minute video shows the plane being pushed by the wind, an event which happened earlier ...

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The Road to Learjet 85 First Flight

Watch the creation of Learjet’s latest jet, the Learjet 85, which was created via partnership with current Learjet owner Bombardier Aerospace. Ralph Acs, the VPGM for Learjet explains the ‘labour of love’ that allowed them to create the largest, fastest and furthest flying Learjet ever. The Learjet 85 is the first primarily composite aircraft built by Learjet, and it is ...

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Open Airplane website expands service to airplane owners

Open Airplane is the creator of a “zip car” -like rental platform for airplanes, and they have just started offering their network sharing services to aircraft owners. The concept opened initially to FBO (fixed base operators) and flight schools, includes these planes in the rental pool. How does it work? Membership requires pilots to one annual checkout and then they are ...

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81 Turn World Record Inverted Flat Spin

This video of a world record breaking inverted flat spin will make you dizzy just watching it. The Pitts S-2B just drops like a rock! Watch as he plummets, upside down over 21,000 feet. Air show performer Spencer Suderman makes an 81 turn, three minute long inverted flat spin in his Pitts S-2B that took him from 23,000 feet to less ...

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