Flight Dispatcher Generic Training Course by Culhane


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Written specifically from a Canadian perspective, this comprehensive manual serves as a useful reference source for beginner and advanced aeroplane pilots alike, and includes detailed material on a wide variety of relevant subjects.

Includes chapters on the following subjects: Canadian air law, engines, airframes & systems, theory of flight & aerodynamics, flight instruments, aviation weather, navigation, flight operations and human factors.

In addition to covering the required standards for a Private Pilot Licence or Commcercial Pilot Licence, text also contains a large amount of material covering advanced subjects related to the Instrument Rating and Airline Transport Pilot Licence. Given the lower cost of this generic text as compared to premium course texts, it offers superb value and we highly recommend it for pilots on a budget and/or pilots seeking more comprehensive coverage of aeronautical subjects than the minimum.

Use this manual with the Flight Dispatcher Written Test Book.




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