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Transport Canada modifies Flight Tests to assess stabilized approaches

cessna 172 on departure

The General Aviation Safety Campaign (GASC) was established in June 2017 and since has endeavoured to identify the most common contributory factors in aviation accidents. The GASC created working groups to look to key areas and phases of flight that were particularly hazardous. The GASC divided into nine working groups addressing various areas of interest. The result of these working ...

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Convert an FAA certificate to a Canadian private pilot license

Pre flight check on a Cesna 172

A little while ago someone asked us how to convert an FAA certificate to a Canadian Private pilot license. Applicants are required to write a conversion examination consisting of several topics that have mainly to do with Canadian air law. Regulations should be reviewed as they apply to airplanes in VFR operations.  These are found in the table below. CARS ...

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