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737 aborts midlanding in extreme wind

enter air boeing 737 salzberg austria

Tense moments leading up to a tricky approach and landing at Salzberg airport in Austria on October 29. The Polish Enter Air Boeing 737, arriving from Frankfurt, is on approach very gusty winds and highly technical crosswind conditions and unable to make a smooth touchdown following a storm. The storm, called Storm Herwart, had just passed through the area and ...

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The dangers of flying through rotor wash

We all know wake turbulence can be very dangerous, and this video shows that helicopter rotor wash is no exception. Wake turbulence is invisible, extremely powerful and can last for several minutes, making it important to take note where the turbulence likely is, and time until it’s likely dissipated, or plan to fly over it instead of through it. In ...

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Space Shuttle launch and landing

This amazing footage shows the launch of the last space shuttle, the Atlantis, the last space shuttle to fly and marks the completion of the Space Shuttle program. The shuttle was launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on July 8 2011.  The space shuttle is now retired. Different vehicles are now used to access space, including the Russian ...

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‘Impossible’ Stunt strapped to the outside of an Airbus A400M

For Tom Cruise’s next movie, Mission Impossible Rogue Nation, he pulls off a stunt that looks surprisingly real.  That’s because it is real! Cruise actually was strapped to the fuselage Airbus A400M cargo plane to get this once in a lifetime shot. Only he didn’t do it once, he did it eight times! Cruise, a certified pilot, was terrified of doing this ...

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Adding Skis and Rockets to a Lockheed C-130 Hercules

This airplane is the ski-equipped variant of the C-130 Hercules.  With added rockets and skis, this is one cool airplane, and it is used in the Arctic and Antarctic. It is equipped with four jet-assisted takeoff rockets – that’s right, rockets – on each side of the fuselage. The rockets aid in adding maximum power for short or rough and ...

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Dead Stick Landing of Cessna Caravan

This Cessna 208 Caravan experienced catastrophic engine failure when metal from the gearbox passed through the compressor and turbines, destroying the turbine blades and killing the engine. Engine failure is a pilots’ worst nightmare! The pilot did a great job gliding the plane in for a safe and smooth landing. Do you remember what to do in the event of an ...

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