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Asiana Airlines fined after SFO crash

The crash of Asiana Airlines made headlines after the 777 jet clipped the seawall at San Francisco airport last summer. The latest update to the story is a ruling that Asiana Airlines has been fined $500,000 for breaking US law.  The fine is in response to the airlines failure to promptly contact family members about the status of their loved ones.  Allegedly the airline took up to 5 days to contact some family members. This crash killed 3 teenagers.

This is the first time the US Department of Transportation has fined an airline for failing to provide prompt and generous service to families of victims.

The airline will have to pay $400,000 and get a credit of $100,000 if it choses to provide educational seminars to their employees of what can be learned in wake of the crash.

Check out NTSB footage of the crash and the original story, including a flight simulator video of the accident.