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Boeing 787 Dreamliner near vertical takeoff

In preparation for the Paris Air show, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner in Vietnam Airlines livelry performed some amazing aerial work, particularly impressive is the near vertical takeoff, shown in this video.

The 787-9 is rehearsing for the Paris air show which is being held this week. It’s unusual for an airliner to perform such a steep climb, but the video displays the 787’s ability to perform a beautiful, aggressive takeoff.

Paris air show 2015 “dream” display is shown here from the Boeing test pilot’s perspective.  The company’s team of test pilot put together an impressive routine that shows off what the 280 passenger, $250 million airplane can really do.

The Paris air show runs from June 15 until Sunday, June 21 at Le Bourget airport.

The 787 used in the performance will join a fleet of 19 787-9 airplanes already in the Vietnam Airways fleet.