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Flight Maneuvers

The dangers of flying through rotor wash

We all know wake turbulence can be very dangerous, and this video shows that helicopter rotor wash is no exception. Wake turbulence is invisible, extremely powerful and can last for several minutes, making it important to take note where the turbulence likely is, and time until it’s likely dissipated, or plan to fly over it instead of through it. In ...

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Space Shuttle launch and landing

This amazing footage shows the launch of the last space shuttle, the Atlantis, the last space shuttle to fly and marks the completion of the Space Shuttle program. The shuttle was launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on July 8 2011.  The space shuttle is now retired. Different vehicles are now used to access space, including the Russian ...

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High Speed Slalom Flying Through Wind Farm

High speed slalom flying through wind farm

Aerobatic pilot Hannes Arch flies an impressive obstacle course through a wind farm in Austria. Red Bull Air Race pilot flew this course in Tauern wind park in Oberzeiring, Austria. This stunt is more dangerous than most Red Bull obstacle courses for many reasons. First of all, the pylons at the Red Bull courses are inflatable, so the airplane can hit ...

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Strong Crosswinds Challenge Turboprops: video

Stiff crosswinds and an uneven runway make for challenging landings at Birmingham Airport in the United Kingdom, causing some airliners to overshoot. In recent months, pilots have encountered some heavy skill-testing conditions as strong crosswinds and gusty winds pummelled the runway area. Can you see how these airliners are using a crab crosswind landing approach? Watch as a 767 makes ...

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Boeing 787 Dreamliner near vertical takeoff

In preparation for the Paris Air show, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner in Vietnam Airlines livelry performed some amazing aerial work, particularly impressive is the near vertical takeoff, shown in this video. The 787-9 is rehearsing for the Paris air show which is being held this week. It’s unusual for an airliner to perform such a steep climb, but the video ...

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Cessna 172 makes emergency landing on Quebec highway

A few months ago a Cessna 172 experienced engine problems and was forced to make an emergency landing on a Quebec highway. The footage is from an onboard camera that films the entire landing. The pilots did a great job and no one was hurt in the incident.  The plane touched down on highway 10. The pilots immediately establish a glide an ...

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