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Float Plane Almost Lands on Whale – Video

This dramatic video shows a sea plane just missing a humpback whale as it just happens to be surfacing as the plane is about to touch down.  This footage was captured in the remote village of Angoon, which is 35 miles southwest of Juneau, Alaska, by a San Diego businessman with his cell phone.

The pilot in the De Havilland Beaver was in a shallow descent and is about to land, but pulls up abruptly after a spray from the whale comes up in front of the aircraft. Apparently, the pilot didn’t see the spray, but was distracted by the onlookers waving and pulled up in time to avoid touching down on the whale.  He had no idea he was about to land on a whale.

Whether the pilot didn’t see the spray directly on his flight path or not we’re not sure, as in the video it appears that the pilot pulls up just in time. Pilots on short final especially that close to the ground generally don’t look around – keeping their eyes on the touchdown zone carefully.

We assume he did see the spray and pulled up just in time to avoid the “obstacle.”


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Malaysian Airlines passenger jet went down in Ukraine

Reports are in of a sad event that a Malaysian Airlines flight, a 777 enroute from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpor, Malaysia crashed near a town in the eastern Ukraine, near the border of Russia and Ukraine.

Malaysia Airlines plane in UkraineApparently the plane was shot down. Flight MH17 was flying at an altitude of 33,000 feet (10,000 meters) when it fell out of the sky on Thursday, July 17, at 14:15 local time.

The news broke after Malaysian Airlines tweeted that it had lost contact with the plane.

Airplane parts as well as human remains were  found scattered in an area as large as 15 km away from the impact site, near the rural town of Snizhne.

There has been heavy intensity lately in Ukraine from pro-Russian Ukrainian separatists in the area. The separatists recently shot down two Sukhoi-25 fighter jets belonging to the Ukrainian military. And just last week, a military transport plane was shot down by a missile originating from Russian territory.

On board the flight, there were 295 people which includes 280 passengers and 15 crew.

The map below shows the known flight path of the airliner, courtesy of National Post.

Image from National Post


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Severe Winds Force Super Cubs into the Air

This event happened at the USAF Academy Airfield in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  It caused a dangerous emergency situation for four tow pilots as a dangerous microburst, pushing wind speeds into 55 knot gusts, swept the high mountain airport.   The Airfield sits at an altitude of over 6500 feet and is commonly subject to unpredictable gusts of wind due to it’s proximity to the mountains.

This event happened on April 23, as glider students were waiting for a tow.  The whole incident was filmed from the control tower.

A microburst is a very localized column of sinking air caused by a small and intense downdraft, and is associated with thunderstorms.  It does not last long, anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes, but the force of the event can produce wind speeds so strong it can take out trees.

Two of the Super Cub pilots, who were sitting in the airplanes, were forced to take the the skies or risk having their airplanes flip over while they were inside. This is another example of how wind and performance are related, and example of an extremely short field take off situation. It’s also not the first time an aircraft has been forced to take off due to heavy winds: in one incident, an unmanned aircraft took flight.

No one was injured in this incident.

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Great Aerial Video

This video is pure magic. Captures the romance and magic of aviation beautifully.

When you see a video like this one, it’s hard to get enough of it.  It makes us want to jump in the car and drive to the airport. Go flying right now!

This film was made by Eric Magnan – Director Showreel, made by Airborne films. Enjoy!

Like the song?  It’s “Stay High” by Tove Featuring Hippie Sabotage.

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Piper Archer Narrowly Misses Sunbather

What goes through your mind if you had lay out on the beach on the end of an active runway?  This German sunbather is contemplating this as an airplane nearly landed right on top of him on this island in Northern Germany.

Juergen Drucker, the pilot of this Piper Archer just narrowly missed this sunbather who was lying dangerously close to the runway threshold.  While attempting a landing on the island of Helgoland, he got behind the curve and he landed short and crashed into a low perimeter fence. He damaged his airplane in the incident.

Helgoland is one of the most challenging airfields in Germany. The runways, 33/15 are 1300ft long, runways 21/03 1000ft long, and runways 24/06 is only 700ft long, and all are on a small island in the North Sea. Approaches requires special CFI instruction and minimum 100hrs PIC.

This incident on a beach in Germany is currently under investigation.

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The Most Stunning Air-Shot Footage Ever Made

There are a lot of amazing video of aircraft flying these days, but this one makes you stop and stare, hypnotized. Talk about the romance of flight – it is captured beautifully in this video!

These shots were filmed in close formation with the Vectorvision camera system installed in the highly modified Wolfe Air LearJet 25.  The company also shoots using a Cessna Skymaster and an A-Star Helicopter.  Wolfe Air is the self proclaimed leader in aviation cinema and footage.

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