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Asiana Airlines fined after SFO crash

The crash of Asiana Airlines made headlines after the 777 jet clipped the seawall at San Francisco airport last summer. The latest update to the story is a ruling that Asiana Airlines has been fined $500,000 for breaking US law.  The fine is in response to the airlines failure to promptly contact family members about the status of their loved ones. ...

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Boeing 767 Landing Gear hits Limits on Heavy Crosswind Landing

Watch this amazing video of a very strong crosswind approach and landing at Birmingham airport (BHX) in England (ICAO: EGBB).  The Boeing 767 aircraft experienced severe turbulence on approach and the cross winds were reported at 35 knots. The runways at BHX are 15 and 33, so there was no way to avoid a crosswind in this case. The strong ...

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Short Field Take off and Landing in a Husky

Have you ever seen a shorter ground roll than the  one in this video?  No doubt the pilot is experiencing heavy winds, you can see it in his approach that the winds are quite gusty causing one of his wings to drop. This type of plane is a very popular backcountry plane with great short field and soft field operations capabilities. Check out how ...

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Airliners get in the air faster with NextGen at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

The highly anticipated NextGen area navigation, a type of RNAV equipment is now available at At Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport (DFW).   It has been very successful, allowing the airport to accommodate practically a tripling in departures.  In fact, NextGen satellite procedures allow for a 15-20% increase in departures per hour in congested periods. What is RNAV? RNAV is area navigation, ...

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Unmanned aircraft takes off in high winds

This video is a good example of what can happen if you don’t keep your plane tied down! This low wing, 2-seater aircraft is parked with only wheel chocks holding it in place.   Considering that the plane actually takes lift in this video the wind must be blowing well in excess of 40 knots.  We’ve certainly had more than ...

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Edmonton City Centre Airport Closure: The End of an Era

The Edmonton city centre airport, or Blatchford field is a historic Canadian airport with a rich aviation history. On November 30, it closed via issuing NOTAM to the aviating public. Officially closed As per CARS (Canadian Aviation Regulations), crews put white X markers along the length of the remaining operating runway 12/30.  The other runway, 16/34 was closed over 3 ...

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