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Stranded 737 makes it out in time for CYXD closure

A “stranded” 737 A Boeing 7370-200 was an exhibit at the Alberta Aviation museum since 2005. This retired airplane was in service for Pacific Western Airlines starting 1979 and flew out of City Centre, CYXD, which closed on November 30, 2013.   In fact, the runways at CYXD were built in mind to keep the maximum performance and weight of ...

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Top Ten Gifts for Pilots

What do pilots like?  Well aside from the obvious, airplanes, there are numerous things that you can buy for your favourite pilot friend or family member or simply any aviation enthusiast. Coming up with holiday gifts can be tough but for gadget loving aviators, there are lots of options from small to luxurious. Most aviators love everything airplanes! 1. Aviator ...

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Asiana Airlines Flight 214 Captain Concerned with Visual Approach

The fateful flight into San Francisco International Airport last July where the Boeing 777 flew in at 30 knots below normal approach speed and a dangerously nose-high attitude has been investigated by the NTSB and has released details of a hearing held Wednesday December 11. The NTSB has just released new footage of the Asiana crash.  The captain of the ...

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Instrument Approach in the Mountains

We came across this video this morning and could not resist sharing.  This is one of the most beautiful instrument approaches – and it’s in the mountains too.  The video is an approach into the airport in Queensland, New Zealand, to runway 05.   Not sure what airplane it is taken from, but the sped up video is mesmerizing. This ...

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Planning a flight from Canada to the U.S.

Planning a Flight from Canada to The United States – a Brief Guide for Canadian Private Pilots  Ever thought about flying to the U.S. once you are done your license? Or are you thinking about flying to the U.S. and don’t know where to start?  Find out what you need to do in this guest post by John Maxwell from Golden ...

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