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Piper Archer Narrowly Misses Sunbather

What goes through your mind if you had lay out on the beach on the end of an active runway?  This German sunbather is contemplating this as an airplane nearly landed right on top of him on this island in Northern Germany.

Juergen Drucker, the pilot of this Piper Archer just narrowly missed this sunbather who was lying dangerously close to the runway threshold.  While attempting a landing on the island of Helgoland, he got behind the curve and he landed short and crashed into a low perimeter fence. He damaged his airplane in the incident.

Helgoland is one of the most challenging airfields in Germany. The runways, 33/15 are 1300ft long, runways 21/03 1000ft long, and runways 24/06 is only 700ft long, and all are on a small island in the North Sea. Approaches requires special CFI instruction and minimum 100hrs PIC.

This incident on a beach in Germany is currently under investigation.