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The Most Stunning Air-Shot Footage Ever Made

There are a lot of amazing video of aircraft flying these days, but this one makes you stop and stare, hypnotized. Talk about the romance of flight – it is captured beautifully in this video! These shots were filmed in close formation with the Vectorvision camera system installed in the highly modified Wolfe Air LearJet 25.  The company also shoots ...

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Every Professional Pilots Dream

This great ad from Lufthansa shows crew being treated like celebrities.  Combine a professional soccer team and airline crew and the outcome is a pilot’s dream come true! The short video is in German with English subtitles.

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Airliners get in the air faster with NextGen at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

The highly anticipated NextGen area navigation, a type of RNAV equipment is now available at At Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport (DFW).   It has been very successful, allowing the airport to accommodate practically a tripling in departures.  In fact, NextGen satellite procedures allow for a 15-20% increase in departures per hour in congested periods. What is RNAV? RNAV is area navigation, ...

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