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Bird strike mid-air collision caught on camera

Bird strike – a large bird crashes through airplane windshield, and it was all covered on the pilot’s GoPro camera.   This was a scary moment for Florida pilot Rob Weber, who suffered a minor cut to his forehead in this incident.  The event happened in Florida.

This amazing video was recorded by the pilot with his GoPro camera.  When he went out flying that day he never thought the day would end like this.  This lucky pilot, Rob, would escape with his life and his airplane largely intact. Rob was on a solo flight on his way to Page Field, Florida, and he landed without incident despite having a large cut on his forehead from the glass shards of the windscreen.

It is not known what type of bird hit the plane, no ‘bird parts’ were left other than a severed foot and some feathers. Pretty cryptic!  These parts will be used to identify the bird.   The flight was over Fort Myers, Florida, in a Piper Saratoga and the bird hit the window at only 1000′ AGL.   Did you know that generally we can expect to encounter birds up to 3000′ AGL?

Here is what his airplane looked after the collision.  It will need a new windscreen, but otherwise there is not too much damage.

The plane post-collision. Image courtesy of
The plane post-collision. Image courtesy of

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