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737 aborts midlanding in extreme wind

enter air boeing 737 salzberg austria

Tense moments leading up to a tricky approach and landing at Salzberg airport in Austria on October 29. The Polish Enter Air Boeing 737, arriving from Frankfurt, is on approach very gusty winds and highly technical crosswind conditions and unable to make a smooth touchdown following a storm. The storm, called Storm Herwart, had just passed through the area and ...

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Heavy winds push Westjet Boeing 737 away from the gate at Halifax Airport

After a four hour storm closure at Halifax international airport, the strong winds pushed this 737 away from the gate. The winds hit the vertical stabilizer causing the large aircraft to drift. Luckily no one was trying to board at the time. This rather long, 11 minute video shows the plane being pushed by the wind, an event which happened earlier ...

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Sexist note left on napkin for female Westjet Pilot

Coming by this sad  piece of news was especially disappointing given the fact that it’s worldwide women of aviation week.  Last Sunday, March 2, on a Calgary-based airline Westjet flight from  Calgary, Alberta to Victoria, BC, a male passenger only identifying himself as David, left a sexist note on a napkin for the female Captain. The note was left on ...

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