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Your Flight Instructor

Sarah and Me at CYBW

Good flight instructors, bad flight instructors I really liked watching the show Flying Wild Alaska. It has since been discontinued.  It is a bit overly dramatic but the flying footage they have is fantastic.  The show is about a family who runs an airline a remote region of Alaska.  In the show Ariel Tweto, is featured as she is the ...

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My first training flight

Pre flight check on a Cesna 172

My first training flight … Having selected the flight school I wanted to learn at, I went on my first flight   (Ok – well, my second flight – I was already up in a Diamond once during my discovery flight!) My first flight at Centennial with my instructor finally happened in early May after over a month of cancellations.  Weather ...

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How to choose the right flight school

After I have selected which aircraft I wanted to train on, it was time to chose the flight school that best suited my needs. Cost of school When I lived in Edmonton I had the choice of a few different airports, but the City Centre Airport, right downtown, was impossible to beat in terms of location.  There were two flight schools ...

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