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Rated turns: the two minute turn

right seat approach cessna

What is a rated turn? A rated turn is a two minute turn as indicated by the turn and bank coordinator. It’s very useful in instrument flying. When the turn and bank indicator is coordinated in a rate one turn, it will take 2 minutes to travel 360 degrees. By knowing this information we can use it to get us ...

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Instrument flying: flying with a partial panel

cockpit 1957 beechcraft airplane

The complexity of  flying on instruments increases when we simulate a vacuum failure. We loose one especially critical instrument necessary to our flight attitude coordination. The Loss of this instrument in flight can certainly and very quickly and easily turn into a life and death situation. The purpose of partial panel training The goal of partial panel simulation is simple: what would ...

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Beautiful Approach and landing at Milford Sound Airport in New Zealand

This video is obviously sped up, but it’s absolutely gorgeous.  See the approach to Runway 11 at the Milford Sound airport, MFN, in New Zealand.  It is in the fjords of New Zealand, called the Fiordland region, and is used mainly for flightseeing and tourist operators. Runways 11/29 are 2565 feet long and the elevation of the airport is only 3 ...

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Airliners get in the air faster with NextGen at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

The highly anticipated NextGen area navigation, a type of RNAV equipment is now available at At Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport (DFW).   It has been very successful, allowing the airport to accommodate practically a tripling in departures.  In fact, NextGen satellite procedures allow for a 15-20% increase in departures per hour in congested periods. What is RNAV? RNAV is area navigation, ...

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Air law – definitions of Canadian airspace

Canadian Airspace. Image from IVAO.com

Following up on the previous article on air law, let’s review some details about Canadian airspace. Air law is such a big topic and is very hard to cover in it’s entirety, so if you want more detail or more material refer to From the Ground Up and Canadian Aviation Regulations,  the Canadian Aeronatical Information Manual. Canadian Domestic Airspace is ...

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What is VFR?

IFR Flying Conditions. Image Courtesy of Langley Flying School.

It’s springtime, and out here in Alberta the weather is all over the place. From clear, sunny, calm days arrive strong wings, snow, sleet, rain, low ceilings and all sorts of weather, signifying change of seasons. Yesterday for example we did not have VFR weather here.  In fact, with a visibility of 1/2 SM, vertical visibility of 500 feet and ...

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