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Simplify Flying: it’s attitude plus power equals performance

I’ve had the pleasure of flying with a retired airline pilot who really made me think about flying in an entirely different way. His view demystifies flying into it’s basic, component parts to understand a complex task and achieve a certain goal. Attitude plus power equals performance. He maintains that after over 20 years of airline flying, he found there ...

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How to master the power-on stall

The departure stall Throughout my training, I have done a lot of stalls, and eventually got the point where I was quite comfortable with them. Power off, power on, including the more advanced high power stalls.  I was rather surprised when doing my full review of everything before my flight test, when my instructor asked me to demonstrate high power stalls ...

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Power-off Stalls

How to enter into a stall in Cessna 172.  Why do we learn stalls? We need to be able to recognize when we are in a stall, to know how to recover. When trained, recovery becomes automatic when trained to react.  Also, we stall the aircraft whenever we land. I first learned stalls in Edmonton, at CYBW after about 10 ...

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