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Short Field Take off and Landing in a Husky

Have you ever seen a shorter ground roll than the  one in this video?  No doubt the pilot is experiencing heavy winds, you can see it in his approach that the winds are quite gusty causing one of his wings to drop. This type of plane is a very popular backcountry plane with great short field and soft field operations capabilities. Check out how ...

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Wake turbulence

Have you seen the movie Argo? If you have seen the movie Argo, and are a pilot, you know how unrealistic the scene is with the fleeing airliner near the end of the movie.  Though Hollywood pulls some highly impossible stunts, this one is really over the top in terms of how grossly impossible it is, and I’m sure I’m ...

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Slow Flight – more detail on slow flight techniques

I talked with my instructor last night and he brought up a few very good points about slow flight. In my post about slow flight in the Cessna 172 I wrote that there are five signs that we can identify we are in slow flight; Stall horn cutting in and out low airspeed high nose attitude high power settings sloppy ...

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Short field landing

Short field landing and takeoff procedure explained At a certain point, your lessons will be about precision flying after you know the basics.  Now my lessons are about more precise flying, not only just about making it down to the ground safely.  Recently I was practicing to aim to land at a particular spot on the runway, using different flap ...

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My First Solo Flight – Part 1: Fighting Fear

First solo initiation

The story leading up to my first solo out of Springbank! Getting Ready The time leading up to my first solo was a tense period.  It was something that took a very long time to accomplish, given the disjointed nature that my flight training has taken.   I spent 15 hours flying from Edmonton City Centre over 8 months (from April ...

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