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Training Tips

How to land in a crosswind

Crosswind landings are one of the most frightening thing to learn for student pilots.  For me, crosswind landings were one of the most challenging manoeuvres and probably took me the longest to perform proficiently.  This is because they absolutely have to be mastered – you simply cannot fly and not be able to do this. But also with cross wind ...

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Rust Removal – The Challenges of Returning to the Air

Guest blog by Sylvia Fletcher Read Sylvia’s account about getting back in the air and the challenges she encountered. My flight test was done in a Cessna 152 last summer.  I continued to fly until rough winds and low ceilings came in the fall, and decided I would simply pick it up again in the spring, thinking this would be ...

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Clearing Turns

Clearing turns are very important If you are getting your license, you probably have experienced your instructor being very adamant you do these clearing turns consistently and correctly.  It is mandatory you understand them for your flight test: if you show the examiner a lax attitude when checking for traffic, that is not only dangerous, but will constitute a fail. ...

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The challenges of getting a pilots’ license

Flying is an amazing hobby and a challenging and interesting profession.  Unfortunately, flying has many challenges, and this is seen in the data.  Many students who start never in fact finish their license.  In Canada, the number of student pilot permits hovers just around 10,000 but the number of private licenses issued in a year is just over 2000 (based ...

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How to get a pilots license in Canada

So you want to learn how to fly.  Very exciting!  One of the first things you should decide your motives.  Deciding on what motivates you will increase your chances of successfully completing it and being inspired throughout the process. Decide whether you want to do it as a career or for fun. You can always change your mind, but if ...

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Preparing for your PPL Written Exam

A few important study materials that you will need to study for your exam.

Recently I wrote and passed the written exam for the PPL.  I had put it off for a very long time.   With all the breaks in my flight training, the gap between ground school had grown quite large. I finally decided that enough was enough and I had to get the test out of the way.  So I had myself ...

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