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Training Tips

Decision making and turbulence

Pulling the pin!

I went out to the Cremona area this morning, intending to practice precautionary and forced approaches. Last time I went to practice them, it was not only busy in the practice area but there was also a small forest fire in the quadrant in which I was established, and couldn’t descend low enough to practice the procedures. As soon as ...

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Precautionary Landings

Starting Point for Precautionary Landing. Image Courtesy of Langley Flying School.

Preparing for a precautionary landing My next series of flights gets me out of the circuit and back into the practice area where I am learning how to do a precautionary landing. Why do we need to learn this? There are a number of reasons.  You may have a sick passenger on board, the weather may be a cause of ...

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The overshoot procedure

Sometimes an overshoot is necessary. When an approach is not going well, or there is an unexpected obstacle on the runway, an overshoot should be considered. Often the pilot doesn’t have much time to make this decision so the procedure to overshoot should be practiced diligently, so the response is swift and automatic. An overshoot may be necessary for many ...

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Airport weather minimums

Since the weather has been so bad for the month of October in the Calgary area, we have been seeing a lot of IFR weather – weather that I, as a private pilot can’t go flying in.  What defines IFR conditions?  I thought it would be useful to post the IFR outlook chart as published by The Aeronautical Information Manual ...

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How to choose the right flight school

After I have selected which aircraft I wanted to train on, it was time to chose the flight school that best suited my needs. Cost of school When I lived in Edmonton I had the choice of a few different airports, but the City Centre Airport, right downtown, was impossible to beat in terms of location.  There were two flight schools ...

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How to choose your training aircraft

Selecting your Training Aircraft After my discovery flight (fam flight) in a Diamond Eclipse which was so light and maneuverable and fun to fly I researched aircraft rental rates. Renting the diamond at the Edmonton Flying Club at the time was more expensive than what they charged for the C172, and their rates for the 172 were slightly more than what Centennial ...

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