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Watch as F-16s Race Past Glaciers and Icebergs in Greenland

These F16s are performing a low level test using GoPro, and they have produced some amazing footage.

Watch the video as the Fighter Wing Skrydstrup of the Royal Danish Air Force fly past some of the most amazing an extreme scenery on the planet: the icebergs and glaciers of Greenland. The team was in Greenland to practice cold weather operation, and in this video was working on low level training.

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Strong Crosswinds Challenge Turboprops: video

Stiff crosswinds and an uneven runway make for challenging landings at Birmingham Airport in the United Kingdom, causing some airliners to overshoot.

In recent months, pilots have encountered some heavy skill-testing conditions as strong crosswinds and gusty winds pummelled the runway area.

Can you see how these airliners are using a crab crosswind landing approach?

Watch as a 767 makes a difficult crosswind landing, testing the limits of the landing gear.

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Boeing 787 Dreamliner near vertical takeoff

In preparation for the Paris Air show, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner in Vietnam Airlines livelry performed some amazing aerial work, particularly impressive is the near vertical takeoff, shown in this video.

The 787-9 is rehearsing for the Paris air show which is being held this week. It’s unusual for an airliner to perform such a steep climb, but the video displays the 787’s ability to perform a beautiful, aggressive takeoff.

Paris air show 2015 “dream” display is shown here from the Boeing test pilot’s perspective.  The company’s team of test pilot put together an impressive routine that shows off what the 280 passenger, $250 million airplane can really do.

The Paris air show runs from June 15 until Sunday, June 21 at Le Bourget airport.

The 787 used in the performance will join a fleet of 19 787-9 airplanes already in the Vietnam Airways fleet.

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Landing Gear Failure of a Virgin Atlantic 747-400

This Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747-400 landed safely in Sussex after a landing gear malfunction.  Flight VS43 out of London Gatwick on December 29 was headed for Las Vegas and landed in Sussex after a minor mechanical issue with the hydraulic system made a return necessary.

The plane spent a few hours circling to burn and dump enough fuel to meet the aircraft’s maximum landing weight requirement. The 747 landed with only four of it’s available five sets of landing gears deployed. Credit goes to the talented pilots who made a textbook soft landing in this incident.

The Virgin Atlantic is 13 years old.

Check out more videos of emergency landings.

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Aviation: The Invisible Highway Movie coming soon

We just found out about this new documentary and wanted to share the trailer.  It is about how the airplane has changed the world and how we move around in it.  Many take aviation for granted, how you thought about how amazing it is that we can be on the other side of the world in less than half a day?

It was filmed in 18 countries across all 7 continents. This latest aviation movie is scheduled for release in 2015. It was written by Brian J. Terwilliger and narrated by Harrison Ford.

Some of you may know that Harrison Ford is a pilot, too. He has a license to fly fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.

We’ll definitely be watching for this movie in 2015!