About Me

Enroute to Lethbridge

From Poland but grew up in Canada. I began graduate school in Edmonton, Alberta where I also began ground school and my private pilot’s license training at Edmonton city centre, Blatchford field, CYXD.  I moved to the rocky mountains, I transferred flight schools  to very busy, and windy Springbank airport – CYBW near Calgary. This move was overwhelming, at best.

This is a blog about my experience learning to fly, but also about general aviation topics, news and gear reviews.

I’ve discovered that flying takes a lot of studying, work and dedication, but is very rewarding! I started flying just out of graduate school, so I have struggled with paying for my lessons, and as a result, I have to take many breaks, which means that getting licensed has taken many more hours than normal.

I am currently working on my commercial pilots license. After I plan to get my multi IFR and instructor ratings.  If you are learning to fly, interested in learning to fly or just interested in aviation, please join us. 

I’m an economist, enjoy climbing, mountaineering and backcountry skiing and get out to fly on nice VFR days.

It’s a great time to be in aviation. The industry is growing.

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