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The Bose A20 ANR Headset. Image from the Bose website.

Bose A20 Headset Review

Bose A20 Headset Review – a premium headset for professional pilots.

Here is our review of one of the best premium headsets around, the Bose A20. Stay tuned for more headset reviews.

Did you know that Bose pioneered the ANR (active noise reduction) headsets for the aviation market?  The Bose A20 headset is one of the premium headsets available. In fact, this headset is rated the number one brand according to readers of “Professional Pilot” magazine in a 2011 headset survey.  It was voted the most preferred headset in that year.  This is the latest model up from the Bose Aviation X, which was voted number one in the same survey every year from 2000-2005.

This is the premium headset for professional pilots or for those who spend lots of time in the sky, and is especially recommended for loud propeller or turbo prop environments.

Both my flight instructors and about two-thirds of the instructors at my flight school own this headset. This is a testament to the extremely high quality performance of this headset, and it seems it is the one of choice for most career and professional pilots. Lightweight and comfortable, the headset weighs in at only 12 ounces.

The A20 is the latest model of this noise cancelling headset.


  • Significant noise reduction, great for loud environments – such as flight training
  • Comfortable, stable fit with plenty of ear-room
  • Clear and crisp audio for reliable communications
  • Adjustable, powered microphone
  • Smart shutoff, powering off your headset when not in use – in case you forget to, saving battery
  • Auxillary audio capability for other devices, such as GPS, and Bluetooth® phone connectivity
  • Battery lasts approximately 45 hours (uses 2 AA batteries)
  • Intercomm and auxillary priority switching
  • Centre torsion spring on the magnesium headband provides a consistent, comfortable fit on any head
  • Made in the US, meets or exceeds all TSO requirements

This headset boats all of the newest innovations for noise reduction and to provide comfort, while continuing to provide extremely clean audio.  It includes and auxillary audio input and Bluetooth phone connectivity as well.

All Bose headsets come with a 5 year warranty directly from Bose.


Significant noise reduction across a wide range of frequencies. Proprietary Bose innovations use microphones both inside and outside each ear cup to sense and reduce the sounds around you.

Proprietary ear cushions are compact, yet have a large interior cavity allowing plenty of ear room; redistribution of headset weight also helps provide overall comfort and stability.

What you get

The image below shows what is included when you order this headset.  The headset itself includes two clothing clips on the chord and a control module. Also included is a carrying case, 2 AA batteries and an auxillary-in cable adapter.

What is included in the box when you order the headset. Image from Bose website.

What is included in the box when you order the headset. Image from Bose website.


Best for flight training, flight instructors and professional pilots where noise reduction is key.

Great fit and comfort, very light at only 12 oz.

Bose has excellent customer service.


Other than price, it is hard to find disadvantages for this headset.  The new model has less clamping force so is more comfortable than the previous version (Aviaion X).  However, some pilots complain the headset hurts their head on longer flights.

Where to Buy Bose A20 Headset

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