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Instrument Approach in the Mountains

We came across this video this morning and could not resist sharing.  This is one of the most beautiful instrument approaches – and it’s in the mountains too.  The video is an approach into the airport in Queensland, New Zealand, to runway 05.   Not sure what airplane it is taken from, but the sped up video is mesmerizing.

This is exactly why we fly!

The airport at this resort town of Queenstown handles large jets such as the Airbus A320, 737, lots of small charter planes and heavy helicopter traffic. The airport is always listed as one of the world’s top approaches.

This is the fourth busiest airport in New Zealand in terms of passenger traffic.  It is only 1171 ft ASL.  Runway lights were only recently installed in July 2011.  The airport features only Precision Approach Path Indicators (PAPI) as a flying aid, so use of the airport is limited to within daylight hours only. Night flights are proposed but are controversial with the local community.