Commercial Pilots License Written Test Book by Culhane


Commercial Pilot written test book by Michael Culhane

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This supplemental exam text contains 12 sets of realistic sample examinations (1,200 questions) for the Canadian Commercial Pilot (CPAER) written exams. Designed as a supplement to our Commercial Pilot Ground School Course, this set of exams will permit users to develop an important secondary skill required to achieve a high score on the Transport Canada written: test taking skills. All required chart extracts, performance data, tables, instructions and answer selections sheets are included.

Since all questions in this exam supplement have been numbered and referenced, the user is able to quickly cross reference and source applicable background material behind our questions as found in our ground school course text.

This exam text also includes 2 FAACA sample exams for those converting an FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate into a Canadian CPL.

Revised edition by Michael Culhane.

426 pages, perfect bound. ISBN 978-1-895801-37-8. 




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