From the Ground Up


A must have for exam preparation for the PPL and CPL written, and is the cornerstone book for the study of aviation.

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Now into its 70th year of publication, this award-winning title continues to provide complete and detailed information on the overall subjects of Aircraft Operations, Air Law, Meteorology, Navigation & Communications, and General Airmanship.

The new edition’s chapters delve deeply into their well-established subject matter.  Irrelevant content has been removed and replaced with the latest content throughout.

As always, the chapters include:   The Airplane, Theory of Flight, Aero Engines, Aerodromes & Airspace, Aeronautical Rules & Facilities, Aviation Weather, Air Navigation,Radio, Radio Navigation, Airmanship, Human Factors, and Air Safety. The appendices have been updated and include a sample exam, a revised glossary and expanded index.

Significant to From the Ground Up, 29th Edition is the refinement of its interior appearance.  A heading numbering system has been applied making it easier to follow and find the needed information.  Every section has a preface with an overview that identifies page numbers for each topic in a given chapter.  Looking up by topic is now quicker and easier.

The new edition also includes updated images and extensive detail to layout.  Several new tables have been added and old tables have been updated to be more readable.

The book is 380 pages and soft cover.

Pairs well with companion From the Ground Up workbook.

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