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Stranded 737 makes it out in time for CYXD closure

A “stranded” 737 A Boeing 7370-200 was an exhibit at the Alberta Aviation museum since 2005. This retired airplane was in service for Pacific Western Airlines starting 1979 and flew out of City Centre, CYXD, which closed on November 30, 2013.   In fact, the runways at CYXD were built in mind to keep the maximum performance and weight of this aircraft. The real reason the runways are the length they are is to give ample amount of runway for the airliner to be able to operate from that airport.

After Pacific Western Airlines folded it belonged to Air Canada until it was retired from service. The Alberta Aviation museum is staying at it’s current site but it was learned that the 737 would not fit in the property lines allotted to the museum, hence the plane has to be moved – if not it would have to be destroyed! It took volunteers months to make the plane airworthy and suitable for flight. Since the plane is valued at $1.6 million, it was worth it to obtain permission to move the plane.

It took volunteers just three and a half months to do something that would normally take 8 months or more. Then finally, the day before the airport was scheduled to close the airport, final checks were completed and the airplane was given permission to fly. In the afternoon of November 29, the 737 took off in afternoon light for the last time. It was a bittersweet moment for many.