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Aviat Husky tows skier up mountain in Alaska

This video combines our two favorite things in the world – skiing and flying. Though we doubt we’d be brave enough to try this.

Towed behind an airplane – now that’s one creative and quick way of getting to the top!

U.S. Ski Team member Reese Hanneman is being towed by an Aviat Husky airplane somewhere in the Alaska range.   Hanneman tweeted the video on from his profile and it got picked up by Alaska Dispatch, citing a number of FAA regulations that were likely broken during this stunt.  He is personally not breaking any laws by agreeing to be towed up the hill. The ‘N’ or registration number of the plane is not visible nor the pilot identified.

Hanneman is the winner of the classic sprint in the 2014 US Cross Country Championships. He is used to going fast!

The Aviat Husky is a popular tail dragger bush plane, very capable in mountain and off airport environments.



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