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Lightspeed Zulu 2 – Headset Review

The Lightspeed Zulu 2 is the ultimate blend of design, comfort and technology. The Zulu 2 is the latest upgrade from the Zulu model headsets and are lighter and more comfortable. Not surprisingly, like all new headsets, it has all the latest features including Bluetooth.

The Zulu 2 weighs in at only 13 ounces and has a magnesium ear cups which are really cool looking – and very effective at cancelling noise. Lightspeed states that magnesium performs better at absorbing noise than plastic, and it also increases strength without increasing weight.

lightspeed zulu2 mic

The Zulu 2 is superior in blocking high frequency noise.   It uses patent-pending “Microport Vent”  technology and electronic cancellation components, the Zulu 2 offers improved active noise reduction (ANR) consistency and performance over a deep, broad range of low frequency noise. The magnesium ear cup is superior to plastic at blocking out high frequency noise.

Parts replacement is easy, and easy to adjust, the ear cups feature soft, leather like material, which are easily replaced and retail at about $30.  We find these ear cups last about 1-2 years. The head pad pulls off and can be easily snapped back into place, and it can also be replaced.

The flexible boom mic has an adjustment on it where you can adjust mic sensitivity.  You can use this when you exhaust all other options for noise adjustment, and when you fly with someone whose headset is unusually loud or quiet.  

lightspeed zuluBluetooth enabled

The controller has a sliding volume control, an auxiliary input,  plus controls for bluetooth. To activate the bluetooth, simply hold down the button until the light flashes red and blue – your headset is now in pairing mode and you can connect it to your cell phone.  With bluetooth, you can initiate voice dialing, answer or terminate a call, redial, or listen to music.

If you like to listen to music during your flights, we recommend using the auxiliary input in the controller for your phone or MP3 player instead of bluetooth. If you pair your device with bluetooth it uses battery from the headset and will drain it faster.  We recommend you use the bluetooth for calls only and the auxiliary for music so it preserves battery life.

The headset features an audio priority feature which slowly fades your music out while when there are radio transmissions.  The audio priority feature can be turned off so it just lowers music volume when ATC calls, and does not turn it off completely. It allows to music to remain playing in the background in your ears while you are active on the radio.

Flightlink compatible

Perhaps the coolest feature, and certainly most unique of this headset is it’s compatibility with FlightLink software. Lightspeeds FlightLink technology for iPad and iPhone is exclusive to Lightspeed headsets, and turns your headset into your personal cockpit.  This app is free and proprietary, developed by Lightspeed. FlightLink works seamlessly to capture and retrieve incoming and outgoing communications.

With FlightLink, users can record everything going through the intercom, archive communications and use it like a scratch pad for note taking.  It is a unique and useful feature which is extremely helpful for flight training. You can record all your communications of your flight and review it on the ground later.

The system can also be combined with the Zulu PFX headset, which allow the user to set a variety of personal and operational preferences (the Zulu PFX retails for $1100).

The Zulu 2 is very comparable to it’s more popular competitors, such as the Bose A20 for instance. One is price: the Zulu is very comparable in quality but is a few hundred dollars cheaper at $895.

Comes with twin plus for general aviation aircraft. The headset comes with a 5 year warranty.


Considering that this headset has the same features, quality and comfort level as the more expensive headset and retails for a few hundred dollars less, it is a powerful competitor.

The Flightlink app is a great advantage, allowing you to easily record your flights along with notes.  This is incredibly useful for flight training. The Zulu also boasts better audio sound (music), comparable to the Sennheiser in audio quality.


There is not too much negative feedback with this headset, with the exception of a lighter construction that is not as robust, including the cabling.  They are reportedly a little cheaper constructed than the Bose, but also lighter.  Some customers complain of the ear cups not sealing properly around your ears compared to other brands of sets, hence not sealing the noise out well enough when not in ANR mode.   The headset also tends to use more battery on average.

See how it compares with the Bose A20.

The Zulu 2 is available in our store and ships for free. Or, buy the latest Lightspeed Zulu 3 Headset on Amazon.