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Flight Maneuvers

Forward Slip

Forward Slip - Transport Canada photo

The other day I was out flying with my instructor reviewing soft field procedures. We were doing circuits on runway 25, and on the turn from the downwind to base leg of the circuit, we were  hit with strong turbulence every time.  The leg goes close to the river so we assumed it was something to do with that.  It ...

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New Aviation Movie Review – Flight – Alaska Airlines Flight 261

Alaska Airlines Flight 261

Flight is based on a real life incident involving Alaska Airlines Flight 261 I recently watched the new aviation – themed movie, Flight starring Denzel Washington.   In it, a troubled airline pilot experiences an in-flight emergency where the horizontal stabilizer jams in the down position, sending the jet into a deep nose dive. Because the captain is a maverick pilot, he is ...

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Power-off Stalls

How to enter into a stall in Cessna 172.  Why do we learn stalls? We need to be able to recognize when we are in a stall, to know how to recover. When trained, recovery becomes automatic when trained to react.  Also, we stall the aircraft whenever we land. I first learned stalls in Edmonton, at CYBW after about 10 ...

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The short field takeoff and landing with obstacle

Approach and landing over an obstacle

The next maneuver, after mastering the short field procedure, is doing so imagining  having to clear a 50 foot obstacle on both take off and landing. This is accomplished by imagining that there is a 50 foot obstacle at the end of our runway on the takeoff, and that there is a 50 foot obstacle on the start of our ...

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Short field landing

Short field landing and takeoff procedure explained At a certain point, your lessons will be about precision flying after you know the basics.  Now my lessons are about more precise flying, not only just about making it down to the ground safely.  Recently I was practicing to aim to land at a particular spot on the runway, using different flap ...

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The perfect landing

Normal landing touchdown attitude

The perfect landing technique explained The most difficult part of learning to fly is, I think, the landing.  It is a precise series of steps that, when individually understood both aerodynamically and intellectually, result in a straight, soft landing no matter the wind conditions.  Since going solo for the first time I have been doing solo circuits, and have really ...

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