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My First Solo Flight – Part 1: Fighting Fear

First solo initiation

The story leading up to my first solo out of Springbank! Getting Ready The time leading up to my first solo was a tense period.  It was something that took a very long time to accomplish, given the disjointed nature that my flight training has taken.   I spent 15 hours flying from Edmonton City Centre over 8 months (from April ...

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How I got started with my private pilots license

On final approach, wearing the headset.

Here is the account of some of the first steps taken when I set out to get my private pilots license – the PPL Discovery Flight Shortly after taking my Discovery Flight, I decided I was interested in pursuing the license and I was really impressed with my flight instructor  – so there was no looking back – I decided to get my ...

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My first training flight

Pre flight check on a Cesna 172

My first training flight … Having selected the flight school I wanted to learn at, I went on my first flight   (Ok – well, my second flight – I was already up in a Diamond once during my discovery flight!) My first flight at Centennial with my instructor finally happened in early May after over a month of cancellations.  Weather ...

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How to choose the right flight school

After I have selected which aircraft I wanted to train on, it was time to chose the flight school that best suited my needs. Cost of school When I lived in Edmonton I had the choice of a few different airports, but the City Centre Airport, right downtown, was impossible to beat in terms of location.  There were two flight schools ...

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How to choose your training aircraft

Selecting your Training Aircraft After my discovery flight (fam flight) in a Diamond Eclipse which was so light and maneuverable and fun to fly I researched aircraft rental rates. Renting the diamond at the Edmonton Flying Club at the time was more expensive than what they charged for the C172, and their rates for the 172 were slightly more than what Centennial ...

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Do you want to learn how to fly?

Hanging out with a Cessna 172 at CYBW

Thinking about about becoming a pilot – or want to try flying? First, take a Familiarization (Fam) or Discovery Flight Every flight school offers a Fam or Discovery flight, a deeply discounted first flight designed to introduce you to the basics of flying.  The instructor will do a walk around the aircraft with you, explain what does what, and then ...

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